Security Scanning for Malware & Injections

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Like it or not, your website is constantly under threat from malware, file injections and other security threats. We can run scans to detect potential vulnerabilities, and remove any malware or injections should they be present. Because this threat is ever-present, we oftentimes perform proactive scanning and immediate removal without first informing our clients. Because this happens before a particular … Read More

Vulnerabilities Scanning & Monitoring

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Constant scanning and monitoring of your website is essential in detecting vulnerabilities that may compromise the performance and security of your website or application, and then fixing them to ensure everything continues operating smoothly. There are two major categories of fixes; the first doesn’t involve any alteration to the website or application, and the second involves patching security flaws or … Read More

Backup Points / Backup Copies

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A Backup Point is equivalent to a Restore Point, that is data backed up to a specific period, also known as a backup copy or a backup version. The number of Backup Points you have refers to the number of backup copies we retain over a particular period before they are overwritten by new backups. For instance, if you have … Read More

Priority Offsite Website, Web App & Database Backup

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Web Temple does daily backups of your data, but with Priority Offsite backups, we also create copies of your daily backups and store them in a separate data center. This is to ensure that you will always have an additional copy of your data if anything untoward happens to your standard backup. This backup service is recommended for websites or … Read More

Web Server Uptime Monitoring

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Just like Website Uptime Monitoring, this keeps us informed just in case anything affects the uptime of your web server. Through this monitoring, we can act immediately if anything untoward happens to ensure your server keeps running optimally.

Google Test My Site Checks & Enhancement

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Whether your site is mobile-first or a responsive one that adapts to mobile devices, it’s important to know whether it’s loading as quickly as it possible can, or whether something is impeding it from achieving optimal speed. We can help you test and determine whether everything’s good, or whether you can actually go faster on mobile.

Google PageSpeed Insights Checks & Enhancement

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It’s common knowledge that the faster your page loads, the better – not just in keeping your users tuned in, but also to remain competitive in search engine rankings. Knowing how fast your page or application loads, therefore, is critical in helping you take steps to further enhance your rankings and performance – this helps determine if you need to … Read More