Accessing DirectAdmin Control Panel


What is a DirectAdmin Control Panel

A DirectAdmin Control Panel is an application that simplified the control and the management of your web server hosted with us at Web Temple. It provides a simplified manner for users to manage their website files, databases, email accounts and etc.

Accessing the DirectAdmin Control Panel

Let’s get started.

1. Open any preferred Internet browser.

2. Similar to the screen capture below. Please enter your domain name ended with “:2222/” (without Quote – “), Then press Enter.

3. Next screen similar to the following screen capture will appear. Please enter the DirectAdmin Control Panel username and password to login.

4. Once login is successful, you’ll arrive at DirectAdmin’s Main Menu similar to the screen capture below.

5. Popular features that most of the admin or users use frequently are as the following:

  • Change Password: Change control panel password
  • Create/Restore Backups: Create or restore backup of the content of your web server
  • FTP Management: Create, remove, reset FTP account password
  • MySQL Management: Create, remove, reset database and its users’ password and more
  • Password Protected Directories: Protect any directory with a username and password to prevent unauthorized access
  • File Manager: Allows to browse through the files stored in the web server, changing its permission and etc. Note: Please use 777 permission carefully
  • Email Accounts: Most frequently used feature. It allows the creation, deletion and management of email accounts
  • Forwarder: Create and manage email forwarding configuration.
  • Autoresponder: Creation and manage the auto-reply to the sender.
  • Vacation Message: Creation and manage vacation for users who may be away for vacation or business trips.
  • Spamassassin Setup: Configure spam filter to filter off spam and etc.
  • Spam Filter: Manually filter off email from sender that you do not wish to receive email.

Should you need any assistance, please contact us via [email protected] or chat with our support personnel (when they’re online), please click here for Live Help.

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