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DirectAdmin: Add Email Forwarder

There are several ways to utilize Email Forwarder. First, you may forward a copy of email messages received by [email protected], [email protected]  and [email protected] to   [email protected]

Secondly, you may do a reverse version of the previous example, where a copy of email messages received by [email protected] will be forwarded to [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected]

Email Forwarder in DirectAdmin is super flexible and can be used to cater to complex forwarding needs.

To configure Email Forwarder, please login to the DirectAdmin control panel, locate the “Forwarders” icon located under the E-mail Manager section, and please click it.


The Forwarders main configuration page is where you will configure and maintain the forwarding rules. Let's add our first forwarder.


Now, please click on the "CREATE E-MAIL FORWARDER" button on the left upper pane of the screen. A "CREATE FORWARDERS" box will pop up for you to fill in the followings:

1. New Forwarder Name: This is the email account where its email messages will be forwarded to another one or more email addresses specified in the Destination section.

2. Add Destination : Destination consists of one or more email addresses that receiving the forwarding email messages from the forwarding email address(es) specified above.


First, fill in the email address you will be forwarding its email messages from under New Forwarder Name, then click the "+Add" button.

Secondly, fill in the destination email address to receive the forwarded email messages, then click the "+Add" button. At least one destination email is needed to complete the Email Forwarder configuration.

Destination email address can be any email address from other domains such as,, or


The following screen is an example of a simple forwarding configuration rule that forwards a copy of the future email received by [email protected]   to [email protected]  and [email protected]

Please click the "CREATE" button to create the new email forwarder. DirectAdmin will show you the summary of the newly created forwarder.


Now, the Forwarders main configuration page shows the newly created email forwarder. You may add new ones here or edit the existing ones using similar ways we've gone through above.


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