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DirectAdmin: Change email sending limits

We do not limit the number of email messages can be sent from any email account within any given day. As long as it’s not categorized as bulk email blasting, we allow it.

As a precautionary measure, we put an email sending limits for each email account as a safety net to prevent compromised email accounts blasting out large number of spam or malware infested messages to others. It is to prevent such large number of rogue outgoing email message overwhelm our mail server’s outgoing security scanning mechanism.

Let’s get on with our topic.

Once you’ve logged into DirectAdmin control panel, locate the “E-mail Accounts” click located under E-mail Manager section, please click it.


On E-mail Accounts Screen, click on the + icon of the email account, click Change Limits.


Under the Send Limit, please specify the new limit, then click Save button to save the changes.

Please note that server admin has a maximum limit configured for each email accounts. Should you need higher limits, please contact us.


Once your new Send Limits has been saved, DirectAdmin pops up a notice showing the summary of the configuration changes.


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