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DirectAdmin: Configure out of office or vacation msessage

Vacation message, auto-responder, out of office auto-reply, out of office message, etc. This feature carries many names.

It auto-reply whoever sends you an email when you're away from your email access.

Usually, we would use this for our business email whenever we're on leave, on vacation, or somewhere where we're not able to reach by our email.

Here's how it is configured.

From the webmail interface screen, please click the Settings icon on the left navigation menu, then click the Out of Office tab.


Please fill in the following to complete the Out of Office configuration.

Reply message section

Subject - Subject of your auto-reply

Body - The message of your email message

Start time - The start date and time where you will be away

End time - The time when you become available to check your email messages

Status - The status of this Out of Office auto-reply


Advanced settings section

Reply sender address - May leave it blank

My e-mail addresses - Please enter your email address

Reply internal - You do not want your auto-reply to reply the senders everytime they send you an email. Therefore, you would limit the frequency of your auto-reply, say one reply a day.

Incoming message action - Please choose “Keep”.

When you complete configuring, please click the Save button to save and activate the Out-of-Office feature.


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