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SpamAssassin is the #1 Open Source antispam software that would come with almost all Linux-based mail servers. It also comes with DirectAdmin Control Panel as the default spam filter. SpamAssassin is a project of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF), and it's free.

Once you've enabled SpamAssassin, you can configure and adjust to your spam filtering needs.

Let's get started. Please click the Spamassasin Setup icon.


You're on the SpamAssassin Setup screen.

If it's not enabled, please click ENABLE SPAMASSASSIN button.

Once it's enabled, you'll be able to configure it. The configuration options are straightforward and self-elaborated. You may click on the tiny blue question mark icon for the details of the configuration parameter.

Please kindly contact us if you need help configuring SpamAssassin.


SpamAssassin allows manual email address blocking and whitelisting.

To manually block an email address, please enter the full email address into the E-mail Blocklist and click the ADD button.

To whitelist or add an email address to the E-mail Allow list, please enter the full email address into the list and click the ADD button.

Tips: Enter * (replace the "" with the domain you want to block or allow), to block / allow at the domain level.


Once you've completed the configuration, please click the SAVE button to commit the changes.


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