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Spam Filters are a very basic Exim filter ( link to Exim mail server explanation) that lets you drop or filter out email messages which Exim has already accepted.

You can use the spam filter to filter or drop email messages based on a specific email address, words, domain, and the size of the email messages.

Tips: Our customers use this feature to drop those sturbborn marketing email messages.

Please click the SPAM Filters icon.


There are four block options available. You may drop the email messages via email address, domain, "stop word" where the words appear in the email and the size of the email message.


Here's the sample configuration for the spam filter tool.

E-mail - enter the full sender email address that you want to drop.

Domain - enter the domain of the sender that you want to filter out.

Stop word - consists of words that appear in the email messages.

Size - Select the size limit to have those email messages larger than the limit drops.

Please remember to click the Block button to save each filter.


Next, the Options. Adult Filters. If you need it, you may enable it.

The next option lets you decide whether you want to drop or discard the matched email directly (Drop E-mail) or move it to the spam box by selecting the "Send to spambox”.

All selection are auto-save.


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