Vulnerabilities Scanning & Monitoring

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Constant scanning and monitoring of your website is essential in detecting vulnerabilities that may compromise the performance and security of your website or application, and then fixing them to ensure everything continues operating smoothly. There are two major categories of fixes; the first doesn’t involve any alteration to the website or application, and the second involves patching security flaws or … Read More

Brute-force Attack Monitoring & Protection Measures

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On the Internet, nothing stays safe for long; especially when your website contains any sort of information that may be of use – or of financial value – to parties both on and off the Web. We conduct constant proactive monitoring, active notification and blocking of illegal activities – including brute force attacks, which usually entails randomly guessing a user’s … Read More

Database Updates & Optimization

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Your database is crucial because it holds important information such as what content is associated with which page, preferences, settings, user capabilities and more. It essentially holds all the information on your site, and is used to generate pages for users. The way you communicate with your website is therefore extremely important – this is usually done through SQL queries … Read More

Website Maintenance Tasks – Theme Updates & Bug Fixes

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Every time a new version of a browser is released to fix compatibility issues and provide better performance, it’s likely that this will affect the display or visual quality of your website. We ensure your themes are re-oriented and cleared of bugs, regardless of what browsers they may be viewed on.

Website Maintenance Tasks – Web Application Upgrade & Updates

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This is a pretty straight-forward task, as no matter how advanced your website may be, it will, at some point in the near future, require an update or upgrade due to technological shifts, new innovations, security threats and more. Updating also helps fix bugs, patch flaws and enhance performance.

Website Maintenance Tasks – Bug fixes

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No matter how perfect a software seems at the onset, there will be bugs that arise over the course of its lifetime, even if they have all been seemingly fixed during the testing phases. Bugs may surface even after an extended period of time of your website being active, usually caused by an update, upgrade or change in any part … Read More

Monthly Website Technical Maintenance Allocation

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Website Technical Maintenance differs from Website Editorial Maintenance in that it covers usability, security, performance and compatibility issues that may arise in a website or application. This allocation lets you know how many hours are available to you for technical work such as application updates and upgrades, bug fixes, security patches and more. Should you require Website Editorial Maintenance, you … Read More