Is WordPress the best option for business website?

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WordPress is the most popular blogging platform and content management system aka CMS with web designers and web design companies due to its simplicity that makes website design and development a little bit more easier by putting some ingredients together to produce a fairly beautiful and attractive website.

Is WordPress always be the best option for business websites? Definitely not.

If WordPress isn’t always the best option for business websites, why would almost all of the web designers or web design companies would propose you to use WordPress?  It is because it’s easy to use for the web designers who don’t know how to code the coding part of the website.  Another factor that makes WordPress the platform of choice for web designers is that, it has thousands of free themes or templates and plugins (providing features to WordPress websites) that web designers are able to put it together with simple drag and drop method and complete a website development more quickly.

If you’re interested on how most of the WordPress websites being built, its advantages and disadvantages, please click here for WordPress Website Design Process.

Let’s get on to what are the challenges or factors that make WordPress an expensive platform to use for websites.

  1. WordPress, Vulnerable to Hacks and Attacks

WordPress executes server-side PHP scripts, the web development scripting language.  Commands and instructions are sent via URL parameters to retrieve and writing data into MySQL databases.  Hackers use malicious URL parameters to compromise and hijack your website and inject and turn your website into spam engine or malware.

Though, we do not recommend WordPress website, however, we do provide WordPress website design solution for our clients and also, we have clients who still using WordPress while waiting for the next upgrade to our LarveeCMS platform.  Therefore, in order to secure our clients WordPress website, we have developed a series of measures to protect and harden WordPress website security.

2. Security Exploits Frequently Found in Free WordPress Themes and Plugins

WordPress has thousands of free theme ( template ) to give your WordPress website a fairly appealing look and plugins to add in functions to your website. Free themes and plugin frequently contain hidden code, links and malware files that infect the website once it’s installed.

Therefore, to keep your WordPress website safe from malware, download such free themes and plugins from sources you trust.

3.  WordPress Automatic Updates May Breaks Your Website

The more plugins you have installed on your WordPress website, the more updates and maintenance tasks to be done and the higher the risk that either one of them would break your website.  Most of the time, you do not know which updates might break your WordPress website, therefore, it is highly recommend that you turn the automatic update feature off.

4. WordPress Websites Need Intensive Maintenance and Updates, and The Cost Too

As we mentioned above, the more plugins you have installed on your website, the more updates and maintenance tasks to be done.  Hence, it increases the maintenance cost to keep a WordPress website updated.

Obviously, to keep your WordPress website safe and secure, you need to update all WordPress plugins, theme and its core.  It has to be done at least once a month.  Outdated plugins, themes and WordPress core is vulnerable to hack and attack.

5. WordPress Plugins Conflict, Incompatible Plugins and Dead Plugins

Plugins are both a blessing and a curse for WordPress website.  In fact, WordPress plugins are unavoidable because a very core WordPress functionality is so limited.  Therefore, you simply cannot build a WordPress website without using any plugins.

Plugins conflict, incompatible plugins and dead plugin are the situation that usually happen to WordPress website.

Plugins Conflict

It takes only one plugin to cause serious problems with one or more plugins you installed for you website, it can cause various problems to your website which may cripple your website or even bring it down, offline. What’s next, such event may have negative impact on your website’s SEO and Google Page Rank.

Incompatible Plugins

As business requirement changes, you need to configure and align your WordPress website to new business strategy by adding new plugins to your WordPress website.  Incompatible plugins happen so frequently that the right plugins you found are not working with the existing ones.

Outdated and Stale Plugins

There were nearly half of all WordPress plugins are not updated for more than 2 years in 2015.  The plugins that are not updated for 12 months should be considered as stale plugin.  Reference link,

Plugins that are not updated to be compatible with the latest WordPress version is consider outdated.  These plugins are usually the main stoppers that prevent you from updating your WordPress website and it will expose your WordPress website to greater risk of hacks and attacks.

Most of the WordPress Plugins are Not 100% Fit

Most of the WordPress plugins are being developed based on general requirement, therefore, customization is imminent.

Unfortunately, most of the website designers who are not familiar with PHP coding ( not familiar with PHP coding is the main reason they chose to use WordPress as their CMS platform ) and web design companies who do not have skilled application developers, hence, most of the them may have a tough time customizing your WordPress website to align to your ever changing business requirement and strategies.

4. No Support

WordPress doesn’t provide technical support for their end users or website designers, web developer or website design companies.

As a client, you will seek for your website designer or website design company help to resolve any issues or your new business requirement.  Your website designer or website design company will then assist you by searching the Internet, forums or community for helps.  Usually, technical issues can be resolved but not the new business requirement implementation on your WordPress website.

Paid products such as paid WordPress themes and plugins only support for their own products and services.  The rest of the customization to your business requirement are done by your website design vendors.  Website designers and web design companies carry out the WordPress website customization by fully relying on the documentation and community forum for guidelines and helps.  This is because the vendors for paid WordPress themes and plugins usually do not provide customization services for end users or the owners of the website.