Fees, Billing & Service Term Policy

As consideration for the Services Customer purchased, either via Web Temple website ("www.webtempleasia.com") or via our sales representatives, Customer agree to pay Web Temple the applicable Services fees, or, if applicable, upon receipt of invoice from Web Temple. All fees are due immediately and are nonrefundable, unless otherwise specified herein, or, on our website.

Invoices and Payments

Customer acknowledges and agrees that non-receipt of statement of account, invoices or any correspondence in relation to the Services is not a valid reason for Customer to hold back or delay any outstanding payment due to Web Temple. Customer bear full responsibility ensuring that outstanding payments are received by Web Temple, by latest, on the due dates stated in the invoices. Web Temple assumes no responsibility for any non-delivery of invoices or reminders.

All reminders shall be deemed to be sent by Web Temple either by :
  1. Email by Web Temple reminder system; or,
  2. By Mail or Post by Web Temple Finance Department.
Should there be any dispute, Customer is advised to highlight within the month of billing to Web Temple prompt attention via [email protected]

Services Suspension and Reactivation

Customer acknowledges that Services which have overdue invoices or invoices that has not been paid in full will subject to suspension and deletion. Customer agrees a reactivation and administrative fee of USD 20 (for International Customer) or MYR 80 (Malaysian Customer only) will be applied to suspended Services.

Setup Fee

Customer agrees to pay in full of the amount of any or all non-recurring (one-time setup) fees stated or described in the Services description to Web Temple prior to Services activation.

Recurring Fee

Customer agrees to pay in full of the amount of any recurring fees stated or described in the Services description to Web Temple 1 month in advance each anniversary date.

Network Transfer Overage Fee

Should Customer exceed the 30% total monthly network transfer limits as stated or described in the Services description, Customer agrees that overage fees will be applied and due immediately.

Service and Billing term

Services activated (first activation) are subjected to a minimum contractual period of 6 months at non-prorated. Services subscribed by Customer are subjected to automatic renewal 1 month prior to the commencement of the next contractual service cycle. Services are billed for a minimum 12 months until terminated by Web Temple or Customer, unless otherwise specified.