Technical Support & Service Policy

Web Temple outlines the scopes and limitations of support for each of the Services described on Web Temple website at, (""). The Services by nature consists of a combination of third-party vendor products and Customer supplied software. The following defines the responsibility of the third-party vendor and/or Customer.

Bundled Support

  1. Services Installation and Setup
    Web Temple will ensures successful installation and setup of the Services and the Services is accessible from the major Internet Service Providers.

  2. DNS Setup
    Web Temple will ensures DNS is correctly setup on Web Temple's primary and secondary DNS name servers.

  3. Standard Services
    Web Temple will maintain a best practice in monitoring and ensuring that all basic services within the Services are fully operational. The basic services are as described in the Services descriptions, such as, web server service, mail server service, FTP service, SSH service control panel service. Should there be a failure detected, Web Temple is responsible to restore the service in an immediate reasonable time frame. Also, should the Customer believe any of the services is not operational, Customer may request Web Temple to perform diagnostics checks to ensure the services are operational.

  4. Software
    Web Temple will maintain a best effort in ensuring that software/application needed for web server service, mail server service, FTP service, SSH service, control panel service is secure, free of exploits and security vulnerabilities.

  5. Hardware
    Web Temple will maintain and ensure the server hardware are fully functional. Should there be any mal-functional server hardware, Web Temple will have it replaced in an immediate reasonable time frame.

Non-Bundled Support

  1. Training
    Web Temple assume that Customer have the basic knowledge of the Internet technology, concepts and capable in utilizing such as World Wide Web, email services, FTP client.

  2. Scripts, Applications and Databases
    Customer is fully responsible on successful upload, installation and/or deployment of HTML, JS, PHP, CGI, JSP, CFM, ASP and any scripts on the Services subscribed. This shall also include database deployment. Web Temple will not provide any support relating to the malfunctioning scripts or applications, including any level of troubleshooting.

  3. Email Client and FTP Client
    Troubleshooting, phone or email support relating to the successful configuration of the email client and FTP client on Customer's computer is not included in the Services. Web Temple will ensure the email and FTP services provided are ,operational.

  4. Backups
    Web Temple may perform periodic data backups for Web Temple's servers; however, Web Temple does not guarantee the availability of any lost data. Customer is fully responsible to maintain current backups of data. Should Customer need Web Temple assistance in data recovery or restoration (a minimum service fee is chargeable), please contact us via [email protected].

Additional Support

  1. Scripts and Applications – Installation (not including troubleshooting)
    Web Temple will assist Customer to upload, install and/or deploy the third party and/or Customer supplied software application or scripts at a minimum fee; however, Web Temple will not perform troubleshooting and does not guarantee the successful of the mentioned software application.

  2. Software Configuration
    Web Temple will assist Customer in configuring email client and FTP client at a minimum fee.
    Fees, support details and Customized Support can be obtained via [email protected].

Support Hours

  1. Phone Support
    This service is provided 9 a.m. to 12 a.m. daily. Customer should call their respective personnel who serve Customer account.

  2. Technical Helpdesk Support (Email Support)
    Web Temple Technical Helpdesk Support ("(wt) THS") is made available 24-hour daily. Technical requests should be forwarded to [email protected] and Web Temple will, at our best effort, to response to the requests within 24-hour.