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We are a team of experienced and skilled consultants, web designers, and web application developers. Armed with the right resources, we deliver services that exceed your business objectives. These aspirations can range from no-frills requirement, cost effective setups to elaborate projects that command compelling corporate online presence.

Since 2008, we have been providing professional and reliable web services to local and regional businesses.

Whenever you need us, we are here for you through our premium support. We attend to emergencies immediately and provide a quick solution. In WT, we understand the need to be with you all the way, whenever you need us you can count on our premium support. Rest assured emergencies will be tended to promptly with solutions rendered.

We strongly believe that no one size fits all. Allow us to provide you a highly personalized approach for your needs. We believe in pushing our limits and going the extra mile, your success is as much as ours.


We dispatch our personnel within the shortest time possible to analyze and assess the situation with you to develop positive solutions for implementation.
We believe in providing our clients streamlined access to live help. Each of our clients is assigned a dedicated Account Manager. In WT, we acknowledge the significance of connecting our clients with real people at the appropriate time in the resolution process.
We understand that strict and inflexible practices block customer satisfaction and loyalty. We are willing to revisit and address policies that hinder ability to resolve issues to the extend of customizing our service level agreement to your needs.
face-to-face discussion
Our personnel will be dispatched to your site in person for a face-to-face discussion. A recapitulation report of the discussion will be circulated to ensure accuracy of the communication.
effective customer service
Timely follow up on or off site is part of our customer service policy. Our Account Managers assigned to you will be communicating with you frequently. Customers’ feedback is encouraged to let us know whether we have fulfilled our service obligations.
Professional Skill
WT personnel are hired through critical selection process and underwent rigorous training, coaching and mentoring phases to be qualified to serve our clients. Skilled talents in WT are our greatest asset and a part of the intrinsic value that we provide to our clients.
keep every customer happy
Our management builds a company culture that values the customer experience, and works to keep each and every customer happy. The inculcated customer centric value can be reflected through our on-site service, face-to face communication and timely follow-up, resonate with how our representatives service your customers.
creativity and intuition
Key strength of WT is creativity and intuition are critical skills for identifying problematic constraints. We leverage a full set of skills to map out the root cause and derive a best fit solutions for our customer.
Generate Report In Short time
Our Account Managers are accountable for all your IT woes and are multi-skilled. We are able to facilitate a coordinated process to orchestrate the required resolution with timely progress report.