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1. Click and run Outlook 2007. 2. On top of Outlook 2007 main window, click Tools menu, then Account Settings.


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Our New Official Site – A Responsive Site

This is how a responsive website looks like. It adapts to different browser sizes as if it adapts to different screens on different devices.

Sitemap Drawing Tool for Website Design

There’re plenty of great drawing tool out there that includes features for drawing Visual Sitemap. We’ll just to name a few for your reference.

eCommerce Website

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Customer Extension

The Customer Extension helps keep a record of your customer data, from names and email addresses to preferences, purchase history and more. With this extension, your customers are given a login ID for your site, which they use when they’re making enquiries or transacting with you on your business website.

Bulk Products or Services Enquiry Cart Extension

The Enquiry Cart or Request For Quotation Cart Extension is similar to a Shopping Cart Extension – it holds items selected by users before they submit it as a bulk product or service enquiry.

Bulk Products or Services Enquiries Extension

This Extension allows users to add multiple products or services that they’re interested in into an enquiry cart or Request for Quotation (RFQ) cart – similar to the ubiquitous Shopping Cart – then submit it to you as an sales enquiry. If you also have a Customer feature or Customer Extension, you will be able to keep the information in these submissions, such as names, contact numbers, email addresses, items inquired, preferences, remarks and so on in order to learn more about potential customers and tailor-make products and services for them.

Larvee CMS

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Open source or proprietary website CMS

Every business website, regardless of whether corporate websites or ecommerce websites, its size, it must be built for easy to operate, maintain, and update. It must be able to grow with your business and execute your online business strategy.

Open source CMS for website & website design

There are many open source Content Management System or CMS ( web application ) out there. The most popular CMS are WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal. WordPress is by far the most popular CMS and 26.9% of all websites on the web are using it now. Second and third are Joomla! 2.9% and Drupal 4.8% while the rest are using other CMS and pure HTML websites.


Digital Marketing

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Google Ads

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Google Map Integration

Most websites nowadays have their Google Maps location embedded within their contact page. This is particularly useful for sites that feature showrooms, retail outlets and multiple branches that visitors may want to physically visit and need directions to find.

Google My Business (GMB)

This tool is crucial for local search visibility and local SEO optimisation, as it helps your customers find your physical location. Google My Business also displays useful information such as operating hours, peak hours, contact information, and even photos of your business premises, if you have provided them.

Website Page Title Optimization

The Page Title is a label on your web page that reveals what it’s all about. It should be unique and contain the right keywords in order for it to fit into your SEO strategy. We employ SEO best practices to determine the most effective Page Title for your site.

Page Description Optimization

The Page Description, also called the Meta Description, is a concise summary of your web page. It’s usually a short paragraph that appears underneath the blue clickable links in a search engine results page, but sometimes, depending on a user’s query, the search engine may pull meta description text from other areas of your website to better answer the searcher’s query. We employ SEO best practices to create meta descriptions for your site.

Webtemple Services

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Website Design Company in Malaysia & Singapore

Web Temple incorporated in 2008, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia as a website design company and IT firm specialized in domain name registration and management, web hosting services, website design, web application and mobile application design and development.

About Web Temple’s Website Design Blog

The main purpose of this blog is to provide an insight of Internet on how to harvest the power of the Internet and how it is able to help businesses.