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WordPress without a doubt is the most popular content management system aka (also known as) CMS and blogging platform, and it’s free. There are thousands of free and paid, beautiful themes and plugins for you to create many things on WordPress platform.

Despite being the world’s most popular CMS and blogging platform, WordPress has quite a number of problems and issues that are beyond annoying to deal with and most of the time you are caught in a situation that you can’t figure out what caused them. When that happens, there are no support or help directly available to you, your best bet is to dig out the possible or similar answers from the Internet where you will spend hours googling.

We have been using WordPress since its release long, long time ago. It was one of the few available at that time around 2004 and we loved it so much. We gave it up as our primary choice of CMS in 2014 when we have developed our very own LarveeCMS. There were various reasons lies within WordPress that led us to develop our own LarveeCMS. Most of the reasons are WordPress’s problems and nature of its platform which we’ll elaborate it later our blog posts.

Though we gave up WordPress as our primary choice of CMS, we still provide website design for WordPress platform for clients who insist in using it. We are still assisting our clients or potential clients who need help in fixing their WordPress websites or application. In fact, we have helped many companies and website owners who use WordPress, who couldn’t get any helps anywhere fixing their WordPress websites due to hacked websites, updating or upgrading the WordPress websites, and etc.

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