Open source CMS for website & website design


There are many open source Content Management System or CMS ( web application ) out there. The most popular CMS are WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal. WordPress is by far the most popular CMS and 26.9% of all websites on the web are using it now. Second and third are Joomla! 2.9% and Drupal 4.8% while the rest are using other CMS and pure HTML websites.

A CMS is a web application allows website designer and developer to design and build website. It allows the end users to maintain and update their web pages with minimum understanding of technical part of it such as HTML 5 or CSS 3 and web image processing.

Most of the web design companies in Malaysia are using open source CMS platform to design and build websites. Long time ago, before Web Temple designed and and developed our own LarveeCMS, we too, used to use these open source CMS.

We will provide more insight about the very fundamental of how your website grows with your business in today challenging business climate in Open Source or Proprietary Website CMS. What are the website components you choose affect your website usability, ease of operating and efforts in maintaining your website.

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