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Every business website, regardless of whether corporate websites or ecommerce websites, its size, it must be built for easy to operate, maintain, and update. It must be able to grow with your business and execute your online business strategy.

On top of that, such websites must be highly customizable, and be maintained by a website design company or web application development company which knows the website CMS / web application inside out to align the website or web application to future business requirements or strategy.

In this context, open source website CMS or web application, almost all of them, if not with a big spending budget, it won’t work for most of the businesses. In other words, the open source website CMS is most unlikely an option for your business website. Here’s why:

  1. Open source website CMS and web application are spearheaded by a few individual, developed and maintained by a group of application developers around the world. This includes the core open source website CMS and its extension components. All components are provided free of charge.
  2. Open source website CMS and web application are being built with predefined functionalities initiated by the individuals or by the groups itself. As usual, customization is not part of it. Unfortunately, customization is a must for businesses to adapt or utilize the solution.
  3. Since the authors or the web application developers are not providing any customization services, such services are provided by the website design companies providing the open source solution.
  4. It seems to be a great solution where website design companies would do the customization, right? Wait, think again, consider the followings:
    1. If those website design companies who use open source solution have the ability to build the web application from scratch, why would they use open source as their primary solution where the web application is readily available? Why would they willingly be tied down by the limitation imposed by the open source web application?
    2. Customization can be done, yes, that’s the truth. Website customization or application customization are done within the specific open source website CMS and web application limits. But how many website design companies have the ability to customize it? How many of them willing to customize it and be tied down by the limitation imposed by it?
    3. Here’s the catch :
      1. 1st, those website design companies who do not have real application developers chose to provide open source web application or website CMS customization as solution to their clients. They live with the limitations and the risks of not being able to customize it completely according to your requirements and strategy. This will affect your website operation which lead to affecting your business operation.
      2. 2nd, say you got a website design company who specialized in custom build components for open source website CMS and web application, this is rare. How much do you think you have to pay for the customization work? Web Temple has the ability to custom build component for open source web application and we are charging at the range of USD $ 70 – $ 200 / hour ( range MYR 300 – MYR 860 & SGD 96 – SGD 275 ), comparing to our proprietary web application solution at USD $ 50 – $ 160 / hour depending on the skill set needed, level of complexity, urgency and other factors. Open source are more expensive due to there are more limitation and development protocol to follow which makes the website or web application development and maintenance a lot tougher, and more resources are usually needed.
  5. Dead components is a threat. When an open source component or extension has been abandon by the authors or application developers, you need to scrap the dead extension and find a closest replacement. Additional cost and downtime involves.
  6. The “why” list goes on and on.

On the other hand, the proprietary website CMS, are being developed by a web application development company or a website design company. The whole deal is pretty straight forward.

Most of the proprietary website CMS are built with business friendly features, such as common business features that most companies need, industry specific features that are specific to certain industry in terms of industry specific requirement, processes or flows.

In contrast to open source website CMS, you’ll get the followings advantages from professional proprietary website CMS:

  1. You focus on your website content and online business strategies rather than the technology that powers your website or ecommerce website.
  2. You don’t have to face the challenges that comes with the open source website CMS such as dead plugins, web application compatibility issues, customization that may not completely fulfill your online business requirement.
  3. You do not have to decide which modules you should use, consider whether your compromised decision worth it or would risk the whole operation of your website
  4. You are able to subscribe to premium technical support that would provide a peace of mind support for your business website or ecommerce website.

End of the day, as entrepreneurs and business owners, you are looking for a business website or ecommerce website solution that is secure, highly efficient, great performance, highly scalable or customization for future business needs, more importantly the reliable support for your website. Then, i think you should seriously consider proprietary website CMS over open source.

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