Steps To Building Your Business Website


A website is a necessity for businesses and anybody selling products and services. Website enables your new customers find you via search engines such as Google to learn more about your products and services.

If you’re into online business, a full featured eCommerce website is a must. But, even if you’re not selling any products or services online, the website can serve an extension of your business card or your marketing material with detailed information about your products and services you’re offering.

Your website should have the followings details and features:

  • Details of your business profile
  • Showcasing your products & services, your experience or your portfolio
  • Professionally designed website with great User Experience and User Interface design

All of the above gives your potential customers higher confidence level when considering to whether purchase your products or services.


The first step is to decide what do you want your new business website do for you. You may refer to the followings:

  1. Do you plan to sell online or simply provide more information to potential customers about your products or services.
  2. What are the information you wish to publish on your website. Products and services information are obvious. Usually, you would highlight the unique features along with other relevant information of your products or services which is useful for your potential customers who may yet to know your products or services.
  3. How do you want to showcase your products and services, your credibility and experience, in your products and services


After you have clear purpose for your new business website, you need to get on with content preparation. You need to decide whether you would publish selected ones or all products and services information. Once you have decided what to be published on the website, you will proceed with the followings for further preparation:

  1. Gather your hardcopy content and organize them into categories exactly how you organize your products and services with clear labels.
  2. Gather your digital (softcopy) content and organize them into folders and sub-folders on your computer according to the categories similar to your hardcopy content.
  3. You have to ensure all images, such as decorative or products and services images are within 1900 to 1950 pixel in width especially for those will be used as the website’s banners. Click here for Determine Image Dimension for Website Design.
  4. Organize your text content with reference to an high resolution image file. Click here for Plan And Organize Website Content for Website Design Project.

What’s Next? Let’s do Website Design!

You need a professional Website Design Company to help you build your new business website. Click here to see How’s Web Temple Design and Develop Your Website.

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