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DirectAdmin: Create new FTP Account

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It uploads and downloads website or web application files to and from web servers via the Internet.

To utilize the FTP to upload and download files from the web server, you need an FTP account and an FTP client software such as Filezilla [link to], Cyberduck [link to], and WinSCP [link to].

Let's get started with FTP account creation now.

Under the Account Manager, please click FTP Management to get to the FTP Management main screen.


FTP Management's main screen shows the default master FTP account of your web hosting account. It connects to the FTP server of your web hosting account to perform file uploads and downloads.

Due to security concerns about the full access privilege the default master FTP account has, we will always create a secondary FTP account for the developer or web designer to perform their task on the website or web hosting server.

Let's create a new secondary FTP account.


Click CREATE FTP ACCOUNT button to access Create FTP Account screen.

Please fill in the required FTP Username and FTP Password, select the primary default directory you wish for this FTP account, then click CREATE button.


Lastly, DirectAdmin shows you the summary of your newly created FTP account. Please note down the information as you will need the information to configure your FTP client software.


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